Back to Life

Yesterday JD didn’t need one treatment.  I was so excited.  We are still dealing with a runny nose and cough but he is able to breathe much better now and we are past the worst of it.  For a couple days he decided that napping was no longer something he wanted to do.  I was a bit worried but he took 2 naps yesterday and is already down for his first today.

I have been spending some time scanning in old photos so that I have digital copies.  I came across these two of me as a baby and Jeremy and I decided JD has my ears, smile and nose.  Good to know he really does look a little like me even if you can’t tell.



Bobbie Playing

Bobbie Playing


7 thoughts on “Back to Life

  1. Ahhh You have been scanning photos. Man those were the days. I loved the flash back.

    Good to hear that he is almost himself. We are almost there too. I think tomorrow will finally be normal.

  2. So cute! I don’t get online as much as I used to, so I keep finding out about illnesses after the fact. Anyway, I’m very glad he’s doing so much better!

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