Did You Know

Did you know that if a child who has “tubes” in their ears gets sick  it can cause mucus and infection to drain from the ears?  Apparently it can be quite bad in children with RSV as we learned tonight.  After a call to our awesome ENT tonight (what a great doctor) we were told to continue to clean out his ears like we had to after his surgery.  I was glad I still had some of the drops still.  We “wicked” his ears with tissue like they showed us at the hospital about 10 times on the worst side.  I won’t go into a lot of detail but it was so gross and sad.  By the time I finished our little JD was screaming every time I came close to his ear.  I’m glad we already have an appointment with his ENT on Wednesday for a follow up we missed.

I made the comment to mom that all these little things I need to keep doing are starting to add up to a lot of time.  I’m glad to do it all if it means it’s helping JD, but I’m worried about how this next week is going to be if he doesn’t start to turn around tomorrow.  Thank goodness Jeremy was home today because it took me almost 5 hours to copy all the notes from the 3 classes I missed last week.  On top of the notes I have one study session with a teacher tomorrow and I need to set up 2 more.  😦  If I don’t blog a lot in the coming days I’m sorry, I will try to keep you all updated on how JD is doing but that will probably be all I have time for!

Love to you all and thanks once again and always for your prayers for our little family.


4 thoughts on “Did You Know

  1. ewww I didn’t know that. Poor little JD. Hope ya’ll have strong stomachs too because I’m not sure who would have handled that here.

    Good luck with the workload. It will get done Super Mom!

  2. Just a thought, do you see how much service, love, time and energy you give to little JD, and he’s just one little guy?

    Thanks mom/grandma for being my mom and spending the hours it took to raise me! I know she might not see it, but there’s a big shout out.

    You’re a great mom, Bobbie!

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