Croupy… again


Poor JD has the croup once again.  (Kristin I’m so sorry I didn’t realize he was sick Monday, I hope your kids are ok.)  We took him in yesterday when his fever suddenly spiked to 103.6.  His little throat is infected and it could be bacterial but I just didn’t want to put him on antibiotics and the steroids at the same time.  If he is still having a lot of problems tomorrow I’m supposed to take him back in.  I was really hoping 2009 would be a better medical year for us.  Our co-pays have changed and it was just painful to write the check.  The awesome news is that he DIDN’T have an ear infection.  YAY for the tubes.

His cough is a lot worse today than it was yesterday but his fever hasn’t gone above 101 all day, yippee!  Since he’s not the only one in the house that’s sick we are trying to keep him in his room as much as possible so things don’t get worse for anyone else, including him.  He isn’t enjoying it at all but Jeremy and I have managed to get all his clothes cleaned out, and a lot of straightening and disinfecting done.  We got him a little Elmo video for $5 at wal-mart today and it was worth every cent since he giggles and jumps in his crib while watching it.

On top of the croupiness with JD I decided that we couldn’t afford a certain medication I have been on for the past year.  The withdrawls have been a nightmare (quite literally).  I was supposed to start school this week but since JD’s and I have been sick I’ve only made it to one class so far.  I’m planning on making it tonight since it’s anatomy III, however if he’s still as bad as he is now I will be staying here.  It won’t be fun to make up the missed classes later but such is life.  Needless to say it’s been a very stressful week and I’ll admit I haven’t been handling it well at all.  I’m so thankful Jeremy and my parents still love me and have been huge supports the past few days.

PS. Since it’s been such a hard week I JUST got JD’s invites for his birthday party next week mailed and some I couldn’t even finish so I e-vited (even then I’m sure I forgot people).  I’ve already gotten a couple calls and emails about the lateness of my sending out stuff and other obligations people already have.  I’m sorry I didn’t get it done earlier.  It is at 3pm next Saturday the 17th  if anyone didn’t get the information.  Sorry again.


6 thoughts on “Croupy… again

  1. He did cough a few times here and I didn’t think it sounded very good. Poor kid I hate it when they are sick.

    Oh man don’t give up on your dream of making great attendence. We will watch him for you, sick and all…

    And I think a week in advance for a birthday party is plenty. Well that is just me though.

  2. Hope little JD is feeling better soon. Hey at least the tubes worked so he doesnt have an ear infection. That is very good news. Get through these next few days and life will be much better 🙂

  3. I have no words of optimism, but you totally have our support should you or JD need it. Jeremy’s included, but the guy is a rock!

  4. So sorry about your sickness and your sick baby. 😦 I can’t come to the party because it’s the same time as my nephew’s party. But one of these days, we will totally hang out.

  5. Bob- I hope you and JD bounce back and stay healthy! I am crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. G2 and Mash are in good hands OR (as my kids think at times…crazy hands)! 😀

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