White Christmas

This morning was a lot of fun.  Santa brought JD a lot of goodies and he was so spoiled.  After seeing all that he got it made me so happy we found such amazing deals on ebay.  He really liked his presents and I will have to post pictures later.  We had a really spectacular Christmas.

The pictures I will post are from our outing to Temple Square tonight to see the Christmas Lights.  Mom decided a few months ago that it would be fun to go Christmas day and see the lights at temple square.  By the time this evening rolled around however everyone was pretty worn out, only about half of us went up.  The ride up was fine.  We got there pretty quick but it was raining a little and pretty muddy but we bundled up and started to walk around.  Within minutes it was snowing a bit.  Yes it was cold but we were feeling festive…until the wind picked up and the snow started falling harder.  We found a spot that wasn’t too bad and took a quick family photo.  After that we raced to the car.  To give you an idea just how bad it was….

  • The first picture was taken at 7:12pm
  • The Last picture was taken at 7:31pm

Bundling up, walking around, and de-bundling…all in 19 minutes.  We laughed pretty hard at the way we “avoided the crowds” to see the lights.  Granted we didn’t really see much at all, maybe we’ll take JD up later.  Then again there is always next year.

The ride home was pretty bad but we made it safely.  The last couple of pictures are of us happy to be warm again at home.


3 thoughts on “White Christmas

  1. I am a little sad we missed the temple lights this year. The weather was crazy this week. I am glad some one got to see the lights this year.

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