Over The Worst

Just a quick update.

Finals are all over, yay!  I managed to keep my 4.0 and got A’s on all my finals.  It was thanks to a lot of family help and prayer!!!

The surgery on my hand went well.  I’m in some pain but was able to write with my hand and everything last night.  It may be longer than I thought before I’ll be able to massage so it’s a good thing I will be recovering over our holiday break.

JD is doing awesome with the tubes.  Back to his crazy self and starting to take steps!!  I’m thinking he’ll be walking for Christmas.  What a good present for mommy.  He’s a very inquisitive kid.  He likes to watch how you do things then try and figure it out.  He’s already figured out how to open one of the kitchen cupboards with the baby lock on it.  Fun for us hu?  🙂

Jeremy is busy as ever.  He has to leave quite early to make the commute in the snow so we are seeing a little less of him (if that’s even possible).  He found out this week that the raises everyone was expecting in April are not going to happen.  He also used to get a preformance bonus every week in the other department he was in.  This department still computes it but then instead of giving it to you weekly in your paycheck they give it to you once a year.  Well ya, that might not happen either now.  We are feeling very blessed that at least he still has a job when so many others are out of work right now.


It was time for me to upgrade my phone.  I’ve had my blackberry pearl for 2 years and so I was looking at the blackberry curve.  Problem is even with the upgrade discount we haven’t been able to afford it.  Finally they ran a special with a $100 rebate that would drop the phone price to $99.  We decided to get it and I posted my old phone on craigs list and ksl.com.  One day later I was able to sell the pearl for $125.  So technically I made $25 when I upgraded my phone.  It made my Christmas.  🙂  We also got a free companion ticket to fly so we are hoping to go see family in Houston sometime next year.


7 thoughts on “Over The Worst

  1. Cool! $25 bonus! And companion ticket too!

    I, too, am very grateful Harvey still has a job, we are truly blessed!! These are such hard times for so many in the world. I’ve been trying to spread a little of our blessings with those around this season, it has sure made me grateful that we can.

  2. Bummer about the bonus. Will’s work isn’t doing them this year either and they have to take 5 days unpaid vacation in the next 6 months. YUCK! I am greatful that both the guys still have their jobs.

  3. Yay for finals being over and all A’s!!! You deserve the best vacation ever. (= We still up for tomorrow? I am planning on it so just let me know if it changes. (=

  4. I am so behind! I have had no time to check blogs or update my own in forever! It sounds like you have had a very crazy month! I am glad your surgey went well and that JD is doing better after his tubes. Congrats on keeping the 4.0 – that is an awesome accomplishment.

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