Dream Come True!

I had so much to do today.  As I made a mental note of everything I KNEW there would be no way to accomplish it all.  To add a fun twist to my plan JD ended up having an upset tummy and his first diaper rash ever today.  When to poor kid woke up from his afternoon nap I was in the middle of something.  While trying to finish up quickly so I could go get him the dogs started to bark like crazy.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on, and then Jeremy walked around the corner.  He was able to leave a couple hours early and since he knew I had a lot to do he came home to help me out.  IT WAS THE BEST EVER!   Since he came home I was able to get things done, including Christmas cards which we weren’t even going to do this year.  I still have to finish baking about 6 dozen cookies and clean the kitchen and bathroom, but that will be a piece of cake.  I just won’t go to bed for a few more hours.

A couple days ago I gave poor JD his first hair cut.  To save on money I just borrowed Art and Steph’s clippers and buzzed it.  He HATED it.  I took video but I can’t find the camera right now.  My plan was to take a family picture this weekend.  WELL it wasn’t very even so I tried to clean it up today and it’s now buzzed to obscurity.  Poor kid looks bald.  I really wanted to add a photo to the Christmas cards but the only recent family photo I had was this one from October and I didnt’ like all the stuff in the background.  After a couple calls to dad and a lot of  help from photoshop I ended up with a picture I felt ok printing up.  Don’t look too close but I think it turned out ok.  I’m hoping to get a good family picture taken next month when JD turns one.  Hopefully he’ll have more hair again by then.


Tomorrow will be a fun but busy day.  I am giving a massage at 9:30am, then my classmates are having a party in the afternoon.  It’s here so that’s why I have to clean tonight.  🙂  In the evening JD and I will be going to the ward Christmas party.  Jer is working at the Jazz game so he’ll miss all the fun but I’ll find the camera and take pictures for him (and everyone else).

I’d better stop procrastinating and get those cookies made and the place clean.  It’s so much more fun to clean to Christmas music.  I love you all!

(oh and PS if I can get all ya’ll to e-mail me your addresses for the Christmas cards that would be great.  My address book is in storage… so fun)


3 thoughts on “Dream Come True!

  1. He is not missing the fun. A Jazz game would be fun to go to 🙂 Hope the parties turn out fun. And we have learned that diaper rash only lasts for a day or to. Good luck with things!

  2. Hey, if you need someone to take family pictures for you, I’d be happy to do it, for free. I’m trying to build a portfolio so one day I can actually charge people, but I think I’m getting pretty good and I love any practice I can get.

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