Hand Surgery

Today is going to be a busy one. I’m making up one of the classes I missed while JD and I were sick. I’m doing anothe make up tomorrow as well so I’ll be feeling like a fulltime student for a couple days.

I went to the orthapedic surgeon today about my hand. I let him know all the different things I’ve done already. I’ve tried massage, acupressure and keeping it straight while sleeping. He mentioned the option of medication and bracing it for 3-6 weeks to see if that would work. We talked about it and since I’m always tired anyway I’m not so keen on being medicsted that long. Especially with finals the next two weeks. He laughed and said that he thought it wouldn’t help me too much anyway and surgery is probably my best option.

After talking to him I don’t think it will be too bad. The operation only takes 30 minutes and I can use my hand that same day. I’ll have stitches for 2 weeks but I should be able to massage within a couple days. I go in on the 17th of this month. I’ll have class that night and the next night. I’m out of school the 18th to January 5th. It’ll be a busy week that week with my hand, JD’s tubes, and finals. It’ll be all worth it. I’m being very positive and optimistic.


8 thoughts on “Hand Surgery

  1. Thanks Wu’s for ever being willing to help our crazy household. You know what they say about “it taking a village…” Well in our case I believe it’s true and we’re glad to count you as part of our village.

  2. Woa…take a breath! You are a busy lady and we hope that it all goes well. Just let us know if you need anything, even if we are an hour away I would still love to help if I can. (=

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