Annual Gingerbread House Saturday

We had a great time making gingerbread houses yesterday.  I just couldn’t feel any inspiration until Jeremy came home later in the afternoon.  When he walked in the door all I had done was our roof.  The house wasn’t even put together yet.  We kept ours pretty simple but had a lot of fun making it.


6 thoughts on “Annual Gingerbread House Saturday

  1. I Sooooooo wanted to be there. After seeing these pics, maybe it’s a good thing I needed to be at Nicholes…since these houses are PRETTY MUCH AMAZING and I would have been the laughing stock w/ my lameo house.

  2. They are all absolutely amazing! Around here, you could make serious dough (hahahah) selling them – they are THAT good. And I will NEVER join you either! My only experience with gingerbread houses is the year we had a contest to see whose edible graham cracker, peanut butter and nuthouse for the squirrels would fall apart and get eaten up first. And trust me, a graham cracker shanty designed to be carried off in pieces by rodents is a far, far cry from the beauty of your yummy looking creations!!

  3. Thanks for the giant prego pics! Don’t you know that the pregnant lady is supposed to be exempt from the pictures:) Too bad you don’t have any shots of our finished house (your brother is nuts)!!! I’m glad Jeremy came home to give you inspiration.

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