No More Doctors

After a visit to the doctor yesterday for JD and then a trip to the Pulmonary doctor for me today I’ve decided I’m a jinx when it comes to medical conditions.  Maybe if I ignore them they will go away. (I’m only partly kidding)

Lets start with JD’s doctor appointment yesterday.  He’s been struggling with a cold for about a week and it wasn’t going away so I decided to take him in.  Now anyone who knows my kid, knows that even when he is sick he’s still a happy kid and rarely gets super grumpy.  I feel stupid taking him in sometimes but I’m learning to trust my “mothers intuition”.  To make a long story short JD has double ear infections, a sinus infection, acute bronchitis, and to top it all off the croup.  I didn’t even realize you could get bronchitis and the croup at the same time!  The doctor was also shocked that he was so sick and told me that if JD was his kid he might not have even taken him in since he was acting so happy.  He praised me for bringing him in anyway telling me that the situation could have become very drastic very quickly if I hadn’t.  A steroid shot in the tush and an antibiotic prescription later we were home and I felt bad for waiting a whole week before taking him in.

I don’t remember if I posted a while back about a sleep study I was asked to do.  My cardiologist wanted me to do some breathing tests just to make sure everything was really going well.  The breathing tests were abnormal and so they asked me to do a sleep study because there was a chance I had sleep apnea.  I did the test and then forgot about the entire thing.  A few weeks ago I got a call asking me if I would come back in to my pulmonarologist to discuss the results and possibly do some more studies.

Today I found out that I don’t have sleep apnea!  That’s great.  I was happy and telling her thank you when she dropped this beauty on me….she believes I have Narcolepsy.  I kind of laughed and brushed it off.  Making a joke about how I’ve never fallen asleep while standing up or anything.  She informed me that like most other diseases there are varying degrees of Narcolepsy.  She went on to explain that with me having a new baby, recovering from heart failure, starting school, and the surgeries this year she thinks I have too much on my plate.  She asked if I could finish school at a later date and I told her no.  She is concerned about the line between stress and narcolepsy.  There was a series of other tests she would like to run but suggested that we wait a few months because of how busy things are.  I asked if we needed to rush anything and what the treatment would be.  Apparently most of the medications she would use to treat me are horrible for your heart.  She doesn’t even feel comfortable starting me on anything until we see how my heart echo next July turns out.  I was instructed to “take it easy” during my holiday break from school so that she can see if the relaxing helps things at all.

Narcolepsy Rat

I feel very broken right now.  Hi I’m Bobbie a Narcoleptic recovering from heart failure with a trigger finger .  Nice to meet you.  Oh and watch out… don’t let my kid cough on you!


10 thoughts on “No More Doctors

  1. Good Grief Bobbie, if anyone deserves a silver lining and a break from all of life it is you. I think you deserve a vacation to Hawaii or something for everything you have been through. Either that or a million bucks. You deserve both actually. I do hope that things get better soon. You are in our prayers. Let us know if we can do anything!

  2. So, I guess I need to read up on it because I’m wondering what’s the worst that can happen – you fall asleep pretty easily? I mean, for example – there’s your dad at Ikea and there’s someone who doesn’t realize they’re asleep from one breath to the next right? That sounds like my mom actually. You can be talking right to her and she’ll say something and not 10 seconds later . Anyway, I know you’ll be watched over and guided. You’ve got lots of love & prayers too.

  3. I am not going to lie, all that makes me happy for my health! I am so sorry about all the Doctor visits for you and Deids. Hey i think the silver lining is your little guy is STILL HAPPY EVEN THOUGH he is extremely sick. If he wasnt that would make things a lot more complicated! Oh and for us non moms out there what is the croup? I have never heard of it.

  4. Oh the last line was pretty good! It’s good to know you haven’t lost your sense of humor….Elder Whirthlin would be proud of you!!! Luv ya, Bob!

  5. I’m sorry sweetie. I am glad that JD will be on the up and up now. I think you are Bobbie the easy to talk to, extremely smart and talented crafty friend that I love to see Mon-thurs and even more if I’m lucky girl. So there.
    PS. I can’t make it to Gingerbreads tomorrow morn (it’s Nicole M. Urban Party)….. miss u

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