Thankful for Happiness

The past two days have been amazing.  It’s not been fun being sick during Thanksgiving, but it’s been such a blast other than that.

Yesterday we went to my uncle and aunts house for Thanksgiving dinner.  The food was amazing and JD sure went to town on his first turkey dinner.  I couldn’t cut up the pieces of turkey fast enough for him.  It was the first Thanksgiving I’ve had in a long time that didn’t include 20 + people.  I must say it was perfect for our little family.

Today we headed out around noon do see if there were any good deals left to be had.  I’m not a big shopper in general, so “Black Friday” is something I usually avoid like the plague.  We grabbed some stocking stuffers and it ended up being a good day:

  • Perfect pair of Jeans for Jer $15
  • Security software for Jer’s computer 75% off
  • 2 DVD’s $4 each
  • 3 computer games for $10 total

After we went to Cafe Rio and shared a Chicken Salad.  The entire thing fed all 3 of us!  We’ll be sharing from now on, so much cheaper.  JD loved his first taste of Mexican food and couldn’t get enough of the black beans and tortillas.

We are staying at my grandparents this weekend so we can watch my aunts dogs.  Tonight everyone is gone except for JD and I.  I was installing Jeremy’s new security software when I looked down and saw that JD had taken Bonnie’s ball.  The dog was being very good and waited till he dropped it but the picture cracks me up.  I know it’s gross that he has a dog toy in his mouth… but it’s life.


4 thoughts on “Thankful for Happiness

  1. So the theme I’m hearing here is JD loves everything he tries…including Bonnie’s slimy ball! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!!

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