The Toys Came!

The eBay toys I got for JD came today.  They were a bit on the dirty side, but Bright and Parks helped me wipe them all down with antibacterial wipes and then had a lot of fun playing with all of them.  Parks told me more than once that I got some good toys.  I picked out 2 of them to save for his birthday and the rest he will get for Christmas.  It’s hard not to get them out and let him play with them now.

Bright and Parks Playing with JD's Toys Yay for Christmas toys from Ebay.

I have some other fun  videos to share.  JD LOVES Christmas lights.  We put some up in his room but he will stay awake forever unless we unplug them when he goes to sleep.  The second video cracks me up.  It’s my mom shooting cookies with a catapult at JD in his high chair.  Poor Deeds was tired and not too thrilled about it.

The pictures are of JD after he climbed up on one of the big kid scooters, and G2.  G2 was sitting at the baby gate while Daisy was on the other side.  The second picture was taken right as Daisy was jumping over the gate.

JD on a Scooter JD on Scooter Eating the Chair G2 and Daisy Playing at the Gate Daisy clearing the gate and G2


6 thoughts on “The Toys Came!

  1. I know the feeling. When we buy christmas presents for the kids I just want to give it to them right then and there. Come on it’s not like Sierra will ever remeber that she had the toy in the first place.

  2. Hooray for cool toys! I love the excitement that comes with the build-up of Christmas. The video of JD and the lights is so cute. He gets bigger every time I see him. (=

  3. So what if I’m. Shooting cookies at the high chair? I’m in cubscouts now so I have to think of fun stuff the boys will enjoy 😉

  4. I know how you feel. I always want to give my kids there toys early. My daughter actually picked out her christmas toys herself this year. She is only 4 and won’t remember a thing because we put the layaway on in september. I can’t believe how much you and your mom look alike. That is a compliment by the way. Some people wouldn’t take something like that as a compliment, but you should.

  5. Love how the cubscout calling magnifies the grandmother in Linda! This from the mom whose favorite game was kicking a bouncy ball at the kids while they were swinging and extra points were scored if I nailed more than one kid at a time or if I got a in a really good bootie bounce. We’d have 4 bouncy balls and 4 kids swinging and I’d be laughing so hard I could barely run. Ah, good times. Can’t wait to torture the grandbabies…well, wait, I can….I’m in no hurry!!!

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