More Great Deals

Yesterday morning my aunt, cousin and I went to the new Smiths Marketplace in Lehi.  If you were one of the fist 300 people there you got sausage, eggs, English muffins, and OJ free.  I got there around 8:00am and it was an absolute mad house.  To make a very long story short I didn’t get home until 11:45am.  I did however take advantage of $0.99 milk and bread, bananas 3lbs for $1.00, $1.49 a pound for lean ground beef, and amazing prices on roast as well.  After spending just over $200.00 I realized they forgot to take off the price of the free breakfast stuff and had to go wait in the customer service line.  When it was all said and done I saved over $120.00.  How’s that for a good morning.  To give you an idea of what I got:

  • 50 pounds of Sugar
  • 50 pounds of flour
  • over 20 pounds of meat
  • 8 Gallons of milk
  • 8 loaves of bread
  • lots of onesies and socks for JD
  • Hair products
  • 2 things of Laundry detergent
  • 2 things of Hot Chocolate
  • Sushi (oh it was so good)
  • Eggs
  • Orange Juice
  • Sausage
  • Baby soap
  • 20 Vitamin Waters
  • and other odds and ends

I took a few pictures on my cell phone.  Enjoy the insanity.

I also just wanted to update everyone on my fabulous e-bay purchases.  I ended up getting all those toys for only $15.50 for JD!    I also got a bunch of sweaters, sweater vests, long sleeved button up shirts, and other misc. clothes for only $7.50.

Tonight I have anatomy so I’d better take advantage of the rest of JD’s nap so that I can study.  Hip hip horray for muscles of the lower limb.


8 thoughts on “More Great Deals

  1. It was crazy but fun. They should have given you a coupon at the end of the trip for $3 off 3 johnsons baby products. I went back used it for the soaps again and got another coupon for the same thing. I just have to go back to smiths and get more for free. Cool! Then I will have 9 for the original 3 bucks.

    I am glad that someone took picutres. It was crazy there and I couldn’t explaine to Will how crazy it was. There were carts and people everywhere. When we went back it was still crazy busy, but not as bad.

  2. Sadly I never got the printed out coupon for the soaps! They weren’t that expensive so I didn’t worry about it. I got a diaper coupon but no soaps coupon. So sad.

  3. Holy Mollie – You are Crazy! Those are some good savings, but I don’t think that I could have possibly done that. it’s a good thing you are a stronger person than I. =0]

  4. Haha,

    I love that in your last picture you are standing near the i-wireless end-cap. I spent quite a few hours in the store before it opened getting that ready. Glad you got some great deals. That looks like it was a huge crowd.

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