Let Us Out!

We finally got a gate to keep the kids out of the hallway and front room.  We never thought of the added benefit of the dogs being stuck as well.


I am amazed daily at how much JD is changing.  He is constantly standing on his own now and is becoming quite a good faller.  A lot less bruising.  Poor kid.

Yesterday JD and I ran out and did some window shopping for Christmas.  Jer and I have found a lot of the things we wanted to get people for Christmas on ebay for a lot cheaper than we would have originally paid.  Between Big Lots and ebay we are finally only a gift or two away from finishing up all our Christmas shopping.  I am thrilled to be done early so we can just focus on our little family and the Holiday season.  My most awesome deal so far is a refurbished portable DVD player with a dock for an ipod for only $33.00.  I’m also hoping to win a lot of 10 baby toys that include some things we’ve seen at the store we thought JD would like.  I’m bidding $16.00 on it.

I have to thank Nic for introducing me to Savers.  Yesterday JD and I went and I got a him a jacket and long sleeved button up, a tie for Jer and 2 church dresses for me and only spent 5 dollars!  Every Monday they pick a color tag and every item with that color tag on it is only a dollar.  It was pretty picked over by the time I got there in the afternoon but I was thrilled with what I found.  Especially the dresses and jacket for Dieter.


3 thoughts on “Let Us Out!

  1. I was about to bestow the highest honor of being my desktop background, but it wouldn’t show properly. Too funny though.

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