I’m with the band

I just have to say that I have hated Guitar Hero for a long time.  Dad plays it for HOURS and HOURS.  It’s loud, and not a fun family activity.  Then yesterday Dad came home with the new version of Guitar Hero.  It has a microphone, drum set and the option to play bass or regular guitar.

When I got home from school last night Jeremy was still doing post show in SLC for the U of U game.  I was so tired but wanted to try and stay up till he got home.  Dad and Masha had just started to play and so I sat down and tried it out.  HOURS later we all realized it was beyond past bedtime and went to bed.  I’m addicted.  We had so much fun and I can’t wait to play again when I get home after Lab tonight.

Hi, my name is Bobbie and I play bass and occasionally sing lead vocals.  I’m with the band!



6 thoughts on “I’m with the band

  1. We want that so bad!! I am glad that you got to play, we rented just the CD and Have been playing but I bet it would be fun with whole band

  2. I love that game. We rented it and played it with just the guitars and it was so fun. My friend has rock band, which is basically the same thing, and we love to get together and play it. I rock at the drums!!

  3. Oh Bobbie, let me catch up on some sleep and I will rejoin the band practice 🙂 since I can’t really sleep when someone else is playing drums on top of my ceiling. 🙂

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