A week in review

Lets just start out with yesterday afternoon.  I was unloading groceries into the back of the car and JD was sitting in the cart still.  He decided to try and grab the other carts next to his and managed to dump himself out of the shopping cart and head first onto the asphalt in the parking lot.  I watched the entire thing and couldn’t get to him fast enough.  I felt like the worst mom ever.  He is ok now, believe it or not he doesn’t even have a bruise.  Mom spent the rest of the afternoon telling me all of her “worst mom ever” stories to make me feel better.

On a good note, yesterday afternoon mom and I watched Rachel Ray because our New Bishop and his family were on the show.  We wrote Cassie a little song and went and sung it to her after the show.  They are such great people.

Last Saturday mom and I were lucky enough to go to an all day Relief Society (the women’s organization at our church) event.  I actually taught one of the classes in the morning and I was terrified.  It went really well and it was awesome to get to know some of the other ladies at church a lot better.  The feedback and support I got made my week.

During the event I thought a lot about Jeremy.  I just want to let him and everyone else know how amazing he is.  I can’t even begin to explain how much he does for us and I am so grateful for everything.  We used to only see him on Saturday afternoons and Sundays but he recently changed his work schedule so that he goes in an hour later in the mornings and it makes a huge difference in my day.  Like most women I can be an emotional creature (usually once a month…) and he handles everything so well.  I can try and try to argue with him but he always stays calm and quiet.  I love him so much and JD couldn’t have a better daddy.  JD’s first word is “Dad” and I wasn’t sure if he knew what he was saying but the other day he looked at my phone with a picture of Jer on it and grabbed it smiling saying Dad.  It was too cute.

Thanks Jeremy for being an amazing man.


6 thoughts on “A week in review

  1. Hummm…all I can say is when you burn your child to a crisp all over her body (1st, 2nd, and a very small amount of 3rd) degree burns, you get reported to Social services, have the doctor tell you she could have scares the rest of her life from your stupidity, then we talk….

    All joking aside, I’m so glad he is such a tough kid. Strong kid and tough need to go hand in hand!

  2. Huh, just yesterday at Albertsons, Jason was inside the cart and holding on to the checkout counter. I started pulling him away and he got a grip on the counter. I kept on pulling (I tend to be stubborn too) and he kept gripping until he did a front flip and fell out of the cart onto his head I think. An old man was watching the whole thing, so I’m in the BPC too – Bad Parent Club!

  3. Both Adam and Maren did that too…freaked me out. You would think that I would learn with the first kid. oh well…they are still sort of normal. (= Glad y our relief society thing went well. I knew you would do great!

  4. Who hasn’t had a kid flip out of a cart?! Who hasn’t had one do it twice in the same day, same store?! C’mon, we’ve all been there, right?!

    Glad JD bounces as well as all his cousins.

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