Fillings Hurt

Just incase you are lucky enough to have no fillings… let me ‘fill’ you in.  THEY HURT.  I had two fillings I had done back in NC replaced today and I hate the numb feeling that you are left with for the rest of the day.

I checked on mom this morning and she is doing so well.  It’s amazing.  She is actually moving around better the day after back surgery than she has all year!  After the doctor removed the disc in her back he made the comment about how she must have an amazing pain tolerance and how he can’t believe she was able to move much at all!  That’s my mom, a real trouper.  I can’t wait to have her back home.  She’s my best friend and I miss her.

JD is with my aunt Holly today.  (THANKS AGAIN) She took him while I was at the dentist and since she is also taking him tonight while I’m at school she decided to just keep him all day.  I hung out at her place for a couple hours this afternoon.  It’s quite weird to be kidless at the moment.  I miss having him around.  She sent me this picture of JD with Kailye at the grocery store.  It is too cute not to pass along.

What a fun Shopping cart!

What a fun Shopping cart!


9 thoughts on “Fillings Hurt

  1. What a great pic! It is great that your mom is doing great. What a great Aunt you have as well. It is wonderful that she is willing to help out.

  2. BTW…I totally agree about fillings or any kind of dental work. Hope the pain and the numbness leave you soon and you are able to feel better. (=

  3. Holly was just happy to have an excuse to shop with that fun shopping cart! She hates having to use the boring ones when she’s by herself!!! 🙂

  4. It has been a little while since I have had the chance to read your blog, you have been busy! I am glad Trish and your mom are doing better. Sorry about the dental work. I hate fillings! Cute pic!

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