One Handed Massage

The day I wrote my last post I somehow managed to hurt my left hand.  I got an x-ray done and it’s not broken (thank goodness) but some of the tendons and ligaments have been pulled.  Most of the bruising is gone now and I actually have pretty good motion in it.  The Doctor wanted to put it in a hard cast but I wouldn’t let them.  I’m already feeling much better and I’m betting by Wednesday I won’t have to have it wrapped up at all.

Having use in only one hand can put quite the damper on Massage Therapy.  My advanced massage teacher almost sent me home before I proved to her that I could still give a decent massage with just the right hand and my left forearm.  I know it’s nuts but since I curretnly have perfect attendance I’d like to keep it up.

JD has been sick this weekend but you wouldn’t know it at all.  He’s been happy as a clam, I however have washed his bedding 3 times today and he’s had more baths this week than I’d like to count.  We are working on keeping him really well hydrated.  We are not worried about the doctor saying he’s thin.  He’s happy and very good at letting us know when he’s hungry and when he’s full.

Tonight I ended up taking my mom and dad over to the ER.  My younger sister (Trish) has been sick the past couple days.  Tonight she passed out and her husband found her convulsing on the floor throwing up.  It was quite scary for everyone involved.  She has an amazing support system, and Michael is an amazing father and husband.  They were giving her a lot of fluids but her CAT scan was clean and her blood work came back ok.  She’s still having a lot of pains in her stomach however so the doctor is keeping her there overnight so he can watch her and then run the tests again in the morning.  I will keep you all posted and I’m sure they would really appreciate your prayers.


6 thoughts on “One Handed Massage

  1. Yikes! Bob I hope your hand heals quickly. One handed massages are all matt gets at church and he says they are enjoyable even though my hand feels like it is going to fall off after a few minutes.. So i am sure you are a PRO by now. As for Trish CRAZY! I hope they find out what is going on with her thats a little scary right? Hope your mom does well today too! All and all Everybody get healthy eh? 🙂

  2. Wow that is scarey about Trish. How is she doing now. I know she has not been feeling well that last little while, but that is just not cool. I hope they find out what is wrong with her.

  3. That was very scary to read – can’t imagine finding someone you love in that condition. Hope we hear good news today. Give Trish our love when you make the rounds at the hospital.

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