Too Thin

JD had his 9 month ‘Well Check’ today.  Time sure flys.  After all the measuring and weighing we got to know the fun statistics.  JD’s height and head are both in the 95% for his age group.  That was on the normal charts, not the preemie charts (yay!).  His weight however is only in the 15-20% for his age.  Apparently he is too thin.  I told the doctor all that I feed him.  His weight has gone up and down the last few months.  I have been instruced to add another bottle of formula, more fruit, protien, and crackers/cookies.  He says I’m feeding him the right ammounts for a typical baby but JD must just need more.  Starting next month I am supposed to also start adding some Vitamin D milk to see if it’ll help.  I am starting to wonder if he is my kid.  I’ve NEVER had to worry about this.  I was born 10 pounds and just grew from there.

Besides the weight we have found out he’s allergic to laundry detergent and fabric softner so I’m trying the kind with no dyes or frangrences.  His Eczema is also worse so I went and got a body wash and cream that is supposed to help.

You would never guess that my skinny kid has allergies or other problems however.  He is SO happy.  They had to prick his toe twice to run some blood work and I just held him reading a book.  He didn’t even flinch or pay attention to the nurse when she was squeezing his toe.  The only time he fussed was during his flu shot.


13 thoughts on “Too Thin

  1. Yep, our kid is too skinny also! Funny, because I feel like he is *constantly* eating. He’ll request snack after snack and then eat a large meal at mealtime. He fits into clothing sizes that are a few months behind, because he’s so skinny. BUT, he’s always been a tiny little fella. His dad’s side are all small people, so it makes sense to me.

    Anyway, take heart; skinny babies exist! JD is BEAUTIFUL. So very, very beautiful. I hope you’re not beating yourself up over it; you’re a very good mother!

    Oh hey also, if the fragrance free stuff doesn’t work, you can also try a little baking soda and white vinegar instead. Shorter baths help with eczema big time too. (Eczema is the pits. Mine flares up on my hands in the winter.)

  2. Too skinny? He doesn’t look too skinny to me, but what do I know. I promise to do my part and feed him lots and lots. He’s such a happy little fellow and you think he’d be grumpy if he were hungry. I know I’m not much fun when I’m hungry.

  3. Larsen has eczema as well. Baths make it worse so we don’t bathe him much. He was always 0 percentile and the doctors were practically begging me to put butter into his food. I smiled but never did it. If he’s happy and active, then he’s healthy. You’re doing a great job. And if he has eczema it really makes me question why the doctors want you to give him cows milk early. We were told to delay any high allergy foods….

  4. Go here!
    Nellie’s dryer balls are awesome! They are two balls you put in the dryer, and you’ll never need dryer sheets or fabric softener again. They lift and separate the fabrics as they bounce around, and they also reduce dryer time. I’ve been using them for about 3 months now and I totally love them.

  5. Sometimes I wonder if the doctors know it all LOL! Hannah was/is the same way! She was born a month early and has always been 95% or higher in height and way low on the weight. SHe eats all the time and just doesn’t gain weight. Mom said Ryan and Jeremy and I were the same way. I know when hannah is about to shoot up because she gets fuller cheeks and then shoots up another 2 inches. She was highly allergic to milk as a baby (just out grew it about 6 months ago) most of my brothers and I were the same way. Talk to gaylynn about what she used on Tyler’s eczema, i don’t remember what is was but she said it works….and he is tall and skinng too! JD takes after his cousins LOL

  6. Ok some times I wonder if the doctors do know it all! Hannah is the same way as JD. Born early, eats a lot and is slim. She has always been in the 95% on height and low on the weight, her doctor says she’s fine as long as she doesn’t lose weight (girl doesn’t have any fat on her) Here she is 10 and a half and 4’11” and 72 pounds. Hannah was allergic to milk (out grew it about 6 months ago), had ear infections every 6 weeks until she was 5 and had a vaccine, as a baby she couldn’t even handle the rice or soy formula. I wouldn’t worry too much about his weight, he’s taking after his cousins, and daddy’s side of the family (maybe yours too lol) we were all tall and skinny babies (except Jeff he was FAT LOL) Ask gaylynn about the eczema, she said she used something on tyler that works great but I don’t remember what it was….

  7. Hey! I hope you haven’t bought any of the non scented stuff for JD, cause I have that baby detergent and 2 boxes of hypoallergenic dryer sheets, that you are more than welcome to have as I am trying out the regular stuff on Gator now 🙂 And I also have the non scented wash with (I want to say oatmeal?) that is supposed to help with dry skin, Gator’s skin used to get really dry. And as you have already been told less baths help too. My doc’s argument was that babies don’t sweat like adults do and don’t really get that dirty, so bathing them all the time is not needed plus water dries out their skin. I used to put Aquafor? on Gator after each bath, and I was told you need to do it within 3-4 minutes after you take him out of the bath. ahh… I can tell you so much about this… ask me when I come home tonight 🙂

  8. Great advice so far – I freaked the first time I was told Indy wasn’t getting enough. I came to the same conclusion that somebody else said….if he’s happy, active and healthy, he’s OK. Every body is different and that is the best way to judge.

    Gib is one of the lifetime members of the 95 percentile head, so welcome JD!!!

  9. Hi, Bobbie! He is very close to Daniel-Daniel has stayed at 95% in height and floats around 25% in weight. He was 50% once, then he started walking!

    Our ped likes it that way, “Tall and skinny, that is good!”

    He is a doll!

  10. I don’t think I would worry to much. Give him what he wants, but don’t force him to eat. Then you will end up with a kid that doesn’t like to eat. And that would be a shame.

    So if JD is to skinny whay does that make my kids!

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