Fun Update Time

I had a rough night last night so instead of whining about it I’ve decided to post some fun photos I have on my camera phone from last week.  I should learn to carry my actual camera around more.

Jeremy and I got the chance to go on an actual date Monday night.  Trish watched JD for us and we had Sushi then went to a game shop at the mall.  We found this little game that was inexpensive and sat in the mall and played it for about an hour.  I’m sure people thought we were nuts.  Excuse the self portrait, I can promise you this was the best one.

The next few pictures are of JD and Parker.  The boys just love playing with JD and it’s quite funny to walk into the room and find them playing.

JD also likes to crawl into the dog beds and play.  I’ve started to keep them quite clean because of it.  He’s such a funny kid.

Jd had his first cupcake the other day.  He played with it for a while but really didn’t eat it much.  I think he was more excited about being stripped down to a diaper than he was about the chocolate.


4 thoughts on “Fun Update Time

  1. I don’t think I could have ever gotten Harvey to play a game at the mall…oh wait, I don’t think I can get Harvey to play games at all!! But it did look like a fun cheap date!!

  2. That is too funny that you played in the mall! Very cool… I am with your Aunt Kay… It takes a TON to get him to play a game. Love the pics of DEEDS! 😛

  3. The picture of Deeds in the dog bed reminded me of one I’ve seen of Holly when she was small and crawled into Tippy’s bed. Cute kid.

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