JD was still pretty sick on Wed. so I decided if he was still running a fever over 102 on Thursday I would take him in.  Of course when I got him up he was at 100.8, drank an entire bottle and is happy as a clam.  By noon his fever was totally gone.  This does bring up an interesting question… are clams really happy?

I have my anatomy final on Monday so I’m trying to study, study, study.  My goal is to maintain a 4.0 and if any class is going to make that difficult it is going to be this one!

While JD was sick on Monday I had to run Max (our Bichon Frise) to the groomer.  I decided to show you a before and after photo of the little fluff ball.  He LOVES the groomer we take him to now.  She even lets him just run around and play with her dogs all afternoon.  I don’t feel bad dropping him off there and I love that when I go to pick him up he isn’t whining from some kennel in the back.  A Bichon usually has longer hair but with a house full of kids and Daisy (our Jack Russell Terrier) it’s much eaiser to keep it shorter.  If it’s too long it is far to tempting and easy to grab onto.  Poor Max.

Max our Bichon before he has been groomed

Max our Bichon before he has been groomed

Max our Bichon after he has been groomed.

Max our Bichon after he has been groomed.


8 thoughts on “Groomed

  1. For a second there I thought maybe JD was going to the groomers! I know I always feel a TON better after I’ve been groomed! 🙂 Glad he’s on the mend. Good luck with anatomy. Indy can help you study this weekend – she’s taking it too. 🙂

  2. Glad JD is feeling better. Our baby has had a fever too. Gah.

    Max looks great! one of munchkin’s friends in kindergarten had a bichon — made munchkin want one too … if I were inclined to get a dog, it’d be one of these or a yorkie …

  3. I love JD. (I’m glad he’s better) I tolerate the dog. (But even I’ll admit it’s easier when he’s been groomed;)

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