Mommy Misses Sleep

Last night poor JD just didn’t want to sleep.  He was constantly awake and screaming.  I called the doctor this morning and he’s got an appointment at 3pm.  He no longer has a fever at all but now has a nasty cough.  I can’t believe how often this poor kid gets sick.  I am truly blessed that even when he is sick the lack of sleep is about as bad as it gets.  He’s just such a blessing and an amazing boy.

I STILL have to finish my homework.  I’m half way done with it.

My blackberry is acting up and I’m getting ticked.  I stopped receiving e-mails on it last Wednesday and so last night I reloaded all my accounts onto the phone.  This morning it stopped working again.  This means I now have to call customer service where they will ask me to run every test I have already run, and treat me like I don’t know what I’m doing.  Ok maybe it’s just the lack of sleep but I’m grumpy today.  😉


7 thoughts on “Mommy Misses Sleep

  1. Do not mess with sleep deprived moms!

    Feeling your pain with our dryer…it’s not even a week old and isn’t working properly. I’d rather switch it out for a new one or have them come take it away and return the money, but they want to send a technician. Why would I want to keep a brand new dryer that needs to be fixed to dry clothes?

    Good luck with the Blackberry people and wish us luck with Sears.

  2. Goodness! All this technology some times makes it hard to deal with life. What did we all do before palm pilots and Blackberry’s, computers, and Cell phones.

    I just couldn’t imagine life with out DVR now….crazy!

  3. I hate calling costomer service. I tend to get the India guy that i can’t ever understand. While I am trying to understand he I also have to deal with Sierra and Jason hanging on my leg. It’s not always the easiest task. Good luck.

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