Homework, Finals, and Rubella?

I should be working on a homework assignment that is due tomorrow, however I am having trouble focusing so I thought maybe blogging would help.  All right, lets face it… I’m putting it off.

We have finished up with two of our classes already.  Both the finals went well and just in case anyone wanted to know I’m once again certified in First Aid and CPR.  The reflexology final wasn’t too bad, it’s weird to think we won’t have anymore reflexology classes.  It has been one of my favorite classes so far.

Poor JD broke out in a fun rash yesterday and after doing a lot of looking online I believe it is/was probably Rubella (German Measles).  It’s been mild and not much to worry about with Children.  It’s horrible for Pregnant women to get it however so I was worried about Steph for a while.  She’s had the vaccine and is also past her 20th week (when it’s the most dangerous) so it’s probably not a big deal.  If the spots are still around tomorrow I’ll run him into the doctor just to double check but he’s still pretty much an angel.  The only off thing has really been a change in sleeping and eating patterns.

I’ll keep you all updated!


4 thoughts on “Homework, Finals, and Rubella?

  1. Max had German Measles when he was in grade one, even though he had been immunized. I don’t know if it’s different in the States, but here it’s pretty much a big deal. The health unit has to be notified and tests done, because if it’s truly German Measles it could be the beginning of or part of a serious outbreak in your community.

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