It’s about time

Since I am a bit less busy for the time being, I thought I should post something here.   With all the new tv shows starting this week,  I remember last year that my TiVo which can hook up with Amazon to get free previews and get shows before they air.  So, I like the show Chuck which is pretty funny and a few days ago TiVo users with a stand alone box were allowed to get the first episode over a week before it aired even though I have not seen it yet, it is cool its there.  Plus there was a bunch of other behind the scenes and free preview stuff.

I found two new shows that are good one was a suprise in CBS Worst Week that I saw the other day and this show is pretty funny,  here is a clip from the show. very funny.

Another show that should be funny is NBC’s Kath and Kim it is some show from Aulstralia that is coming to the USA.  It looks odd but real funny, I dug up a short preview.

I am always interested in finding new shows since there is typically a bunch of junk on tv.  Enjoy


4 thoughts on “It’s about time

  1. I love DVRs- watch just what and when you want and NO COMMERCIALS! We can watch an hour show in like 20 minutes. BTW- I want to see the Chuck you have tevo’d 🙂

  2. P.S. speaking of new shows, the new Nightrider SUCKED in my opinion. HORRIBLE acting and the story line was ALL over the place. I watched The Office last night and it was hilarious and whatever was on before that… I can’t remember now. But yeah, I am SUPER excited for CHuck. Good times.

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