Sweet Waffles

This morning Steph came upstairs talking about how she wanted Belgian Waffles.  I couldn’t find the last recipe I had made so while searching online for it I found THIS one.  It is obviously not a recipe we’d use often (notice the 1 cup of melted butter!) but wowzer it was good.  They were sweet enough you really didn’t need syrup.  They would be perfect with fruit and cream.  Instead of getting soft when they cool they actually get crispy.


3 thoughts on “Sweet Waffles

  1. Oh goodness! No wonder they turn crispy, that’s A LOT of butter. But the butter is what makes them sooooo good, huh!!

    And I think you should have titled your post, “Waffles/with out syrup.” People never would have thought you were being literal. lol!

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