Crib Fun

Yesterday while I was attempting to study anatomy Katy decided it was a good time to rearrange JD’s room.  It’s nice to have a change in there, but during the process all his stuffed animals ended up in the crib with him.  He played the entire time we were moving things around.

Last night in anatomy we were learning about muscles, and about the heart.  I just started to cry, no warning, tears just started to fall.  It made me really kind of mad that I couldn’t control my emotions.  I’m not thinking everyone noticed but I still felt stupid.  I try not to think about my heart too much anymore, but learning about the nitty gritty of it last night just splashed in my face that mine doesn’t work like it’s supposed to and that it’s the reason JD’s our only child.  I know I’m so very blessed to have him, but every once in a while it’s hard not to get emotional about it.  I just wish it hadn’t happened during class.  Thank goodness I’ve made an amazing friend in the class and she was uber supportive.


3 thoughts on “Crib Fun

  1. I hate those days…when you think you are doing okay and then someone or something with out any warning sets off a chain reaction. Sorry, and I LOVE YOU, and JD, and I guess J’s okay too… LOL! 😀

  2. Aww, Bobbie. First off, know that in massage school, that is TOTALLY NORMAL. You’re going to see people burst into tears all the time throughout the next year. That emotional release is what happens when you’re suddenly being touched all the time… your emotions are raw right now, and being brought up to surface. Stuff you’ve been holding onto since your pregnancy is finally being allowed to come up and be let out. I’d say that’s a good thing.

    Watch… every single one of your classmates will have their own emotional release sometime within the year. It will be interesting…

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