Pain in the rear…

Well the colonoscopy is over.  YAY.  The procedure wasn’t bad at all.  I slept the entire time and it was really short.  After 2 previous surgeries this year it was nice not to have to come out of general anesthesia!  The prep however was a nightmare.  Yesterday was a day I would like to forget.

They found a polyp in my right colon so, lucky me, I have to go back in 3 years for another one.  GROSS!  The doctor said he believes it’s benign but they “lost” it after it was removed so it won’t be tested.  Isn’t that just fun.  I can’t think about it without laughing.  I got to see the picture but they wouldnt let me keep it.  Meanies.

Mom however didn’t have any polyps and so she is supposed to go back in 5 years but claims she will never ever, ever do that again, ever.  Now 3 of us have had the test and just Dad, Trish, and Art need theirs.  Lucky them… we of course are all blaming Katy since she was first and set off the chain reaction.

They told me not to drive or do anything that requires my attention for 12 hours but I’m not missing anatomy tonight.  Hopefully I’ll be able to stay awake during class.

Big thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Coombs for going with us, and to Steph for watching my little Uno.


10 thoughts on “Pain in the rear…

  1. If it’s hanging out in your colon, you could always examine your poop for a while to try to locate the missing polyp. 🙂

    I’m on the every 3 year schedule as well. I hope you blog about yours every time… maybe that will remind me when I’m supposed to go in. And I think you should stop “blaming” Katy and start THANKING her. I know that I’m super grateful that my brother notified us all of his little problem. The polyp I had removed would most likely have turned cancerous (they called it “pre-cancerous”) in about 10 years. Being that colonoscopies are not routine until you’re 50, I could have had a pretty nasty case of colon cancer by then. Getting them removed every 3 years though ensures that we catch whatever comes up before it becomes an issue. I’m HAPPY to go through the prep for the colonoscopy every three years if it means avoiding colon cancer. That stuff’s no fun.

  2. I’m so glad that it was nothing serious. Maybe I should do one since I’m making the rounds with the doctors myself.


    What if someone steps on that polyp? Ewhh…not a fun thought.

  3. I think we could make a song out of that “Dontcha Slip on that Polyp!”. I can’t believe they “lost” it. I loved the title of the post…the picture kinda scared me for a second there though. Glad you came through OK, and maybe for your mom it will be like childbirth…you say never again, and whelp, whaddya know?!

  4. On second thought, I think that was a horrible analogy but I already hit send. Sorry ’bout that – but since it’s out there it just begs the comment:

    Congratulations, you are the proud parents of a 9 lb baby polyp…and notice we did NOT lose it this time!!

  5. I am the wife of CWE’s awesome brother out of whose colon 36 pre-cancerous and contained cancerous polyps were removed. (They lost at least one of his, too.)I have to agree with CWE, that doing the prep once every 3 years isn’t so bad. My husband had to do it three times in two months. He was miserable at the time but he’s much happier with his new and improved squeaky-clean cancer-free colon.

    (Also, if the cancer had spread beyond the polyps, he would not have been able to undergo radiation or chemotherapy due to his diabetes and he probably would have lost part of his digestive system.)

    As we like to sing in our household, “It all comes down to poo!”

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