Oh Ya…

I forgot to mention that I got a haircut on Friday.  My friend Heather was in town and I begged her to cut it for me.  She did an awesome job and I love it. I even did my hair Saturday, SHOCKER I know.  Jer took some fun cell phone pic’s for you all.  In the first one I’m imitating JD’s angry face he likes to make.

Dad should be getting released from the hospital any time now so we are planning on seeing him home tonight.  Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

I’m “prepping” for my colonoscopy tomorrow.  This means I have to take yucky meds and drink only clear fluids.  To add insult to injury Steph made a roast in the crock pot, rolls and cake.  SOOOO it smells spectacular and I want to hurt her.  (not really… ok well maybe a little)

Why a colonoscopy you ask?  Katy had one done about 2 years ago and they found some polyps in her colon so they advised all of her family to get one since she was so young.  Just to make sure things are ok with everyone.  Mom and I go in tomorrow… yippee skippy.  Good thing I don’t have an Anatomy quiz I have to study for tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Oh Ya…

  1. Ah… the colonoscopy. I had to have one of those as well (same reasons… brother with cancerous polyps). Yep. Have fun with all the pooping!

  2. So that’s the excuse for why you want to hurt me….today anyway:) Good luck with the potty! Sorry about the food, I really was trying to be nice and cook for everyone…….stupid pregnancy brain can’t remember anything!

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