It’s been a very long week, and here is the reason why, I’ll try to keep it to the short version…

Dad was put on oxygen during the nights a couple of weeks ago.  As a follow-up the doctor did a chest x-ray and found a mass on his lung.  They sent him for a CT scan and saw not only the mass but some nodules as well.  He went into get a biopsy Friday morning.  The week was full of a lot of talk about what-if’s and that bad word, cancer.

Mom called around 10am to let us know that it wasn’t a tumor, but the mass was actually a partially collapsed lung.  They still took tissue and fluid samples.  The doctor says he has a condition known as Pulmonary Sarcoidosis.  The doctor is optimistic that it is treatable and dad will go see him next week to find out more.

During the biopsy they poked a very small hole in dad’s lung.  They did warn them that this was a possibility and after not being able to get his oxygen saturation levels up high enough to release him they did a chest x-ray and found the small puncture.  They admitted him at that point and put a small chest tube in (I’m including a small picture, you can enlarge it to see it if you want.)  He is still at the hospital but doing well.  Hopefully he’ll be able to come home today.  *UPDATE- he won’t be headed home today, still too much drainage from his lungs.  We’ll keep you all posted.*

On a side note the cadaver lab last night was just spectacular.  It was so interesting and just wonderful to see all the little details about the human body up close.  I can’t wait for the next one.


10 thoughts on “Daddy

  1. I have just read your post re: your fathers Dx of Pulmonary Sarcoid. I was Dxd with Sarcoid in my Brain in Dec 1995, but have been treated, am now in remiision and recovering. My best wishes for your fathers recovery, and yours.
    Mike Scott

  2. Holy Moly! That was scary to hear about. I am glad that things are looking better now. Hope that both Linda and Ray can recuperate together soon! All they need now is a tree limb to fall and life will be complete!

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