OK, for all you crazies out there that thought that me saying “work with the cadavers” meant we would be giving them massages here is a list why that is insane:

  • They won’t appreciate it
  • They can’t let us know if our pressure is deep enough or too deep
  • No tips, ha ha
  • Hard to loosen up
  • They are beyond our help

I’m sure I could think of a TON more reasons why that is just wrong but we’ll leave it at that.  We will be studying the bones and tissues this time up there.


5 thoughts on “Weirdo’s!

  1. I *highly* encourage you to touch the cadavers, I really do. (I just wrote a story about cadaver dissection on my blog recently if you want to know WHY I liked touching the cadavers.)

    My first time in the lab at the U, I’ll admit, it was NOT easy. But once you realize that you can’t *get* anatomy until you see it live and in 3-D, the cadaver lab will be one of the most valuable tools in your education. Trust. And have fun!

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