Back to Life

Jeremy had Sunday-Tuesday off and I can’t even tell you how amazing that was.  It was very hard to let him go back to work this morning.  JD and I will sure miss having him around.

Yesterday we went and got JD some pants, shoes and socks.  We decided since it’s starting to cool off a bit here that maybe keeping him barefoot and in shorts wasn’t a great idea.  I’ve hated trying to find jeans for him because he’s such a tall skinny kid.  Yesterday we headed to Quiksilver because my brother said he had a pair of jeans that might work for him.  They are just perfect.  Thanks so much Art!!

This Friday we are going to the U of U for anatomy class to work with the cadavers up there in the lab.  It’ll be an interesting experience and I’m actually kind of excited about it.  I am going to miss a BBQ with some friends, so that’s a bummer.


6 thoughts on “Back to Life

  1. Wow – it’ll be quite a challenge to get those stiffs loosened up!!!

    Seriously?! You’re touching them? Ewwwww. Yeah, take pictures.

    Way cute pants. Was JD going, “what are these things?”

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