Poor Boy

I am unable to sleep tonight becuase poor Dieter is crying.  He is currently breaking 4 top teeth at once and on top of that joy he seems to be coming down with an ear infection (or two?).  I knew as the day wore on that it could possibly be a long night, I’m so glad Jeremy isn’t working tomorrow night so we will see him around 1pm or so.  I’m sure I’ll be SO happy to have his help. 

Since I’m up anyway I thought I’d share these two phone pictures with you.  The first one is of JD when I went to get him out of bed yesterday morning.  He was happy as a clam, just stuck.  The second picture my mom took tonight when I was trying to cheer him up.  I think the tylenol was kicking in about then.  🙂

I’m off to see if I can confort my poor boy back to sleep.  Love you all.

6 thoughts on “Poor Boy

  1. Oh poor guy. I swear toothaches are the worst. Have you tried the Orajel on his teeth. It used to work wonders on my kids. Totally numbs their mouths. I hope you both get some sleep and it is great that Jeremy will be around to help out. Working is not fun, even if it is necessary. We are excited to see you all today. (= Hope JD gets feeling better!

  2. I love that photo…even more because I’m sure you had to leave him like that to go get the camera! LOL!

    My kids always got ear infections with teething. I bet you’re right. Poor boy!!

  3. I am sorry about the ear infection, G2 had one and it was not fun… as far as teeth go I hope they come out soon like today, so you can have a good nights sleep tonight. And I love the pic of JD being “stuck” 🙂 so much for having the bumper there 🙂

  4. 4 teeth at once?! OWWWIIEEE! That’s got HURT! I’m NOT looking forward to the upcoming teething phase. Good luck with that… I’m just preparing now.

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