Why is Mark Spitz not in Beijing?

Unless you are living in Antartica you know about Michael Phelps tearing up the olympics, well even there those scientist must have some way of finding that out. Last nights race in the 100 Fly was sooooooo close and was even protested, not that he won but that he tied Phelps. Here how close the race was in the final three still frames and below the video

This tied Mark Spitz’s 7 golds in Munich at the 1972 games.  Well, Spitz is not in Bejing to see if Phelps could beat his amazing feat.  That would make for even more great television if Mark Spitz was there to meet Phelps or present a medal or something.  Spitz wanted to be there and so did people from the Olympics, but not enough to pay for his trip, which should have been a no brainer.  It could be the cost which is at least $1,500 for flight alone and this is after the olympics from Los Angeles, I would at least double that.   This was just a dumb mistake by the Olympic Committee, could have been great tv for all time.

Enough of that, but I have been watching a ton of water polo online, and the US mens team is not really a player on the national scene and have not medaled since 1988, and they are currently ranked 9th in the world.  So, far in the Olympics US has beaten host country China, 5th ranked Italy, lost to Serbia, but did beat reigning world champion Croatia 7-5.  They are currently tied first in their group and need to defeat Germany, which they should but nothing should be guaranteed for a US program has underachieved.  Most likely after their final game they still will be tied with Serbia and Croatia and goal differential will determine who automatically who makes the semis, and would guarantee a chance to play for a bronze medal.  If they are not the group winner then they must play a quarter final game.

Should be fun to see if they can win a medal.


6 thoughts on “Why is Mark Spitz not in Beijing?

  1. Just wait until he goes to London in 2012 he most likely will not go 8-8 in golds, but he will still win some golds. I dont see why he cant swim the IM and fly events and a few relays in London

  2. You should see the camera shots from under the water. It is crazy to see that phelps just out touched him. It is nuts!!

  3. Not sure what I can do on that, but tell her that its been 20 years since the mens team won a medal. As of now they are in the semis and will get a chance to at worst play for bronze.

    If they do win a medal it will be a huge upset since they US has not finished higher then 6th in the last 8 world championships and could go back farther then that

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