My Kid is a Hoot!

While I was at school Tuesday my dad and Trish took pictures of JD to go on the wall.  The one of him smiling on the grass is the one they are sticking on the wall.  The others are just too cute to pass up, man that kid can make some funny faces.

School is going really well.  Mom and dad are really enjoying the Reflexology already, it’s been great practice.  I don’t know if it was starting school, the extra exercises of doing massage therapy or being taken off the heart meds but I started to have some symptoms again and the Cardiologist had me come in today to make sure I wasn’t in Chronic Heart Failure.  Reassuring eh?  I wasn’t and they decided to keep me on the medication so I am gradually going BACK on the meds again.  I’m hoping it’ll take care of the symptoms again because it’s really a nightmare to have no energy or ability to breath well while going to class.

Speaking of class I still have to study for an anatomy quiz tonight so I have to say goodbye!  Enjoy the pictures.


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