My cousins sent this bib to me for JD.  It made us laugh.  It’s actually one of the best bib’s he has.

Since I haven’t mentioned the little drooler recently I guess it’s time for an update.  JD is doing so well, still just an angel.  He isn’t too happy with all of us at home since we continue to flip him from his back every time he rolls over, but even when he is grumpy it’s a breeze.  He just loves scooting around on his head and we are trying to teach the boy that crawling might be a bit easier. He is starting to get one of his top teeth so hopefully in a few days he’ll be sporting 3 teeth instead of 2.  I’ll make sure to snap a picture of it for you.  A favorite activity of his is bouncing/jumping.  He loves it, it doesn’t matter if he’s in a bouncer or standing on your stomach while you hold him.  Today I was laying down and bouncing him on one of my legs in the air.  He was just squealing with glee.

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2 thoughts on “Bib

  1. Love the bib. He is such an angel. Hey are you guys coming up to visit us this weekend? Kel has a work party at 5 on Friday but we would still love it if you came and hung. The county fair is even going on and you never know what that has to offer. (=

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