Nada Mas

The Cardiology appointment didn’t really go the way we wanted it to.  We are quite blessed that things haven’t gotten worse with my heart, however they really haven’t improved much either (1-2%).  This means JD is our only child.  Yes I know, we can always adopt, and we will see in a few years where the Lord takes us.  Right now we are planning to just remain a family of three.

The doctor does want to see if my heart will be ok without the medication so they are slowly taking me off of it and I go back in a month to see how it’s going.  I’ve been given the ok for light exercise but they said “You’re young, don’t try to get into shape overnight right now.  Your heart couldn’t take it.”  I can go for walks but nothing more really until I see them in a month and they can judge how I’m doing post medication.  I’m praying I can go off the meds with no problem since I hate taking them.

While we’ve preped for this outcome it was still a bit of a shock to us.  Deep down we were really hoping for the ok to have at least one more baby.  We are increadbly blessed with JD.  It was so hard to get him and I thank the Lord daily for the joy he brings to our lives.  I’m sure I’ll battle a rollercoaster of emotions over the final verdict but that is ok.  This too shall pass.

Jeremy and I just want to let you all know how much we love each of you.  The love and concern we’ve been given has been just tremendous and we are in awe of the support family and friends have shown.   It’s been a long process, and we are happy to move on from here and start the next chapters of our lives.


11 thoughts on “Nada Mas

  1. I am glad to hear that you can possibly be weened off of the meds. I never like taking those either. As for more kids… you never know what the future brings. 🙂 Luv ya! At least JD is sooo cute!

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Bobbie and I hope that getting off the meds will be easy. I agree with Suzanne, you never know what the future brings and the Lord does work in mysterious ways. We love you Bobbie and know that you will be the best mom ever for JD and be able to handle all of this like a champ. If you ever need anything just call…I am always game for a road trip!

  3. Life and love are such blessings. You may take the road less travelled, and at a slower pace, but having those blessings during your journey will make all the difference.

    Ask your doc about water exercises like ai chi or gentle joints. Yeah, you’ll be with some arthritic old people, but it’s doing amazing things for my mom. The benefit would be it you can exercise with basically the same amount of cardio as a walk, but achieve the results of fat burning and muscle building of a more strenous workout. The doc might even be able to send you to a physical therapy water place for it.

  4. I like Chrissie idea of doing a water class! I’ll do it with you. 😉 I am glad you get to slowly ween of the meds, and I am so happy you have JD! As I have learned the Lord has a plan for all of us whether we think it’s the right one or not! LOVE YOU! LOVE YOU!

  5. What a tough road…I can’t believe how rough you’ve had it, but at least you’re still here and you have your sweet little boy. It’s hard to think of not having any more, especially since I know you’re a great mom.

  6. Hi Bobbie! I am Becci, Holly’s friend. I am sorry to hear your news. I am soooo very happy that you have Holly there for support. She is amazing in these situations. Let her cheer you up! Also, I loved all the little nicknames that you little man has. Holly told me several of them last night and she had me giggling. I personally like JDizzle. 😉 Oh, and your little man is adorable and is a blessing from God, so never feel like something is missing!!!

  7. Sorry to hear it, Bobbie, but so happy you have JD and that he’s healthy. God will increase your family when it’s time – it may just take a minute to see how.

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