Rose Petal Jam

When I was younger a neighbor gave my mom a recipe for Rose Petal Jam.  Having never heard of such a thing and we were quite cautious about the whole idea.  I made it once, and we all loved it.  It smells great, and if you truly are what you eat then I want to be a rose!  I’ve never made it since then, it’s not hard, I just never remembered when we had roses in bloom.  It’s best to use dark and very fragrant roses, and we have the perfect bush in the back yard that were just asking for it.  Jeremy was still gone (got home in the wee hours) so I decided to make some Jam!  Here are the spoils of my labor.

I also worked on a baby quilt for Bequi.  I can’t decide if I should post a picture or not since she will see it on the blog before her shower.  I’m sure I’ll buckle when its all done and post it, but until then I will just keep you in anticipation.


8 thoughts on “Rose Petal Jam

  1. Way to go on the jam! I have never heard of it, but if you love it then I am sure that it is wonderful! Good luck on finishing the baby quilt!

  2. I never was daring enough to try the jam when you made it oh so many years ago.

    I hope you and I don’t run out of steam quilting.

  3. Don’t post a picture! I like surprises!

    I have those exact same freezer jam jars. It’s what we store leftovers in or single servings of cottage cheese for lunches when I don’t makes jam. And I’d like to try the jam, too.

  4. I didn’t know that rose pedals were edible! To think, I could have eaten so many as a kid and I would have been fine! 🙂

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