The Wall

While I’m reading blogs this morning I put JD in the bouncer Kelly and Nic gave us.  I stack some toys on the tray and he is silent for about 20 minutes.  All of a sudden he can’t stop laughing.  I turn around to look at what is so funny.  All I can see is him, facing the wall with all the toys on the floor.  Apparently the toys are a waste and a good blank wall will do.

I love my kid.

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4 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. What you didn’t see was the shadow images that he was doing. I bet he is really good at them, to crack even himself up.

    All these possibilities. JD is a talented boy that you don’t even know. I am the only one that knows Mwahahaha.

  2. LOL! I remember when a box the toy came in was much more fun! Ahh, those were the days. 🙂
    I would LOVE help! If you ever want to get out…call I’ll come get ya! 😉

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