My Head

I have had a headache/migraine all week.  There are times during the day where it’s not as bad as others but it’s meant a lot of time in my room, in bed, with the curtains drawn.  I know it’s bad when I can feel each hair follicle.  JD, like always, has been an angel.

While laying down I’ve been reading a lot, often out loud to JD.  He loves it.  There were times I had to put the books down and just close my eyes.  Even with those times I’ve made it through all 3 of the Twilight books (the next one comes out soon), and I’ve started on the Eragon books (the 3rd one comes out soon as well).

The only really interesting thing that has happened this week was when I woke up one morning to find my bedside table moved and things rearranged on top of it.  Neither Jeremy or I remember touching it.  Apparently one of us does things in their sleep?  I keep blaming Jeremy since he talks in his sleep already.  Since I was reading vampire books at the time it did make me jittery the next night when I went to bed.  I have an overactive imagination.  It didn’t help when the dogs woke us up around 3am growling in their kennel.


7 thoughts on “My Head

  1. My aunt is such a sleep walker that she has driven her kids to school… While she was asleep. Not kidding. She also got up in her sleep and cooked all her hamburger, then threw it away. No one knew she was doing it, they’d just wake up and all the hamburger was gone. This happened so many times that she called the police, convinced some homeless person was breaking into her house and stealing her hamburger. That’s right, she filed a police report for the Hamburglar.

  2. I think it is JD. He can climb out of his crib and walking. Don’t let the not being able to fully sit up yet fool you!

  3. So…do you want to come ‘sleep’ arrange boxes at Grandma’s? That sounds like so much more fun! 😉
    I am sorry your head has been hurting…I hate days like that…

  4. Just finished the second of the Vampire books, on to the third. Ans also waiting for the third Brisingr to come out too! Sept. 2?

  5. Migraines – ooooh, ow, I feel your pain. I sympathized and liked the hair follicle part. How true. Hope you are better now. Wonder who is the Design-In-Your-Sleep-Star?! At our house, we’d all blame Indy! Let us know how you plan to figure it out!

  6. LOL…Michael does stuff like that all the time. I actually video taped it once so he would believe me. I still need to re-read the series before the next one comes out but I have no idea when I’ll have the time.

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