56 Men

This post is a few days late…

July 4, 177656 Men signed a document that would change not only the course of their lives but many future generations.  These men knew that what they were doing would be considered treason, and if the act of independence failed that history would remember them as traitors.  I can not even imagine the thoughts in each mind as the decision was made, and the ink put to paper.  I am humbled and grateful for the freedoms I have now, 232 years later.  We are such a young nation, may we continue to grow and never forget our humble beginnings and the Lords will.  I pray that future generations never forget the price that has been paid, and continues to be paid for the daily freedoms that can so easily be taken for granted. 


5 thoughts on “56 Men

  1. Ohhh gave me chills. I was talking with Matt about this last night, not only is our nation one of the youngest in the world but it seems like most major inventions have been thought of in this land. The light bulb (Thomas Edison) the car (Ford) the TV (some guy in Ririe Idaho) etc. Kind of crazy to think about… We truly are a blessed nation, if we could only just keep it together now and remember the sacrifice and hard work that has gotten us here.

  2. You know, i never really thought about the consequences that could have occurred while going for our freedom and independence. Those, (what was it?), 56 men our complete and total heroes. They saved us from a life of isolation, and boundaries. And the opened up to us a world of possibilities. Ultimate freedom was there in their hands. ‘Cuz on that 233 year old piece of paper, we are told that we have the absolute right to live. It’s just sorta amazing to me. I wish i could have been there…

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