Busy Woman!

Last week I feel like I got so much accomplished!  It all started with a personal goal of deciding that I was going to make our bed everyday.  I then realized that if I was going to make the bed our room might as well be clean.  Our bed was also covering the A/C vent in our room.  All of these lovely factors meant that I tore apart our room, moved everything around and then made it all nice and spiffy.  I’ve realized that by simply making my bed every day the room has stayed clean and I am more productive over all.  These pictures of my room (and Daisy) were taken by Brighton.  We just found them on the camera after he’d been in the room.  I love the first one of Daisy.  Pretty good for a 2 year old don’t you think?

I had to rearrange JD’s room also.  I went to get him from a nap a couple weeks ago and he looked up at me with a wad of the curtains in his hand.  Needless to say that isn’t a good thing.  The room is quite small and so it was a bit tricky to move things around.  In that tiny room we have a love seat, our small TV/entertainment center, our DVD’s, a crib and plastic storage drawers.  I’m quite pleased with the end result.  It’s a bit crowded but no worse than it was before.  As a matter of fact I like it better.

While taking care of moving our TV I decided to hook up the replacement DVD player that we’d just gotten in the mail (our 3rd one since we were given the origional 2 years ago).  I hooked everything up, went to pop in a DVD to test in and TADA, the tray would only open 1/2 inch.  I called and was quite lucky to get someone who took one look at our file and said they would just send us a brand new unit and not a referbished one.  I was quite thrilled since it saved me the trouble of asking for one.

I also filled the rest of my week with laundry, dishes, taking JD to the doctor and making a baby quilt for Jeremy’s brother and his wife. I used some cute green flannel and one Moda Charm Pack (5×5 inch squares).  I should have started it sooner, but I put it off and didn’t get going until the day before she was in the hospital.  Mom helped by handing me squares and with hand stitching the binding.  I just straight stitched the 9 small squares on the quilt and around the border since I didn’t have time to get it all quilted.  I thought it turned out well considering I was up till 5am.

Sunday was Jeremy’s birthday so we had a great time celebrating with family.  Besides JD being “off” the last few days it’s been a truly spectacular week and I’m excited for another one.  The only thing I wasn’t great at last week was blogging.  I find that I am getting better at reading all my family and friends blogs but by the time I’m done with that I don’t have time left to blog myself!  I need to start with my blog first.  I also don’t have time to comment on other’s blogs, Just so you all know, I’m reading still.  😉


8 thoughts on “Busy Woman!

  1. Seriously, there is just something about a made bed. my whole house magically falls together if I just make the beds….
    And don’t feel bad. It’s just this week I’ve found time to comment on blogs let alone write my own 🙂

  2. The quilt looks great! I am glad that you are feeling productive. One of us should. (= Good luck with this week. I hope that it is as successful as last week!

  3. I love the quilt still. So creative! I have been cutting out mine, but Sierra now that she can crawl and Jason don’t make it to easy. I LOVE nap time!

  4. I love that quilt–where did you get the pack of squares? I am a long-time admirer of quilting and want to make quilts so bad but need the easiest possible way. I’m the same with the comments, don’t leave them every time I look at blogs because I usually check them every day and don’t want to be a stalker. My sister is so funny, if she doesn’t get enough comments on her blog, she harrasses people about it. I figure my blog is for me and if someone wants to look at it, even better.

  5. Super cute quilt! I’m glad to know you’re reading my blog. I was feeling neglected. I usually get on to read everyone else’s every week or two and then I just catch up on everything at once.

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