Before and After

I got around to having Jeremy take an “after” photo today.  The first shot was taken two days before surgery and the second was taken tonight.  It’s more dramatic (way more) without the shirt on, but come on people, this is a family blog.

I’ve been busy trying to get all the senior pictures from my graduating class scanned in, cropped, and uploaded to the class web page I am admin for.  It’s taking FOREVER.  I’ll be so happy when I’m done.  I just started work on the H’s.

An American baby, a Ukrainian baby, and a Chinese baby are sitting on a counter…it’s like the starting of a joke.  Ok well all the babies are technically American 😉  Yesterday the Wu’s and Masha came over.  All the babies had a lot of fun on the table.  My favorite was when baby Grant decided to suck on a Backyardigans toy like it was a pacifier.  Crazy kids.  Grant and Sierra are about the same age and then JD’s 2 months younger.

Speaking of babies, my sister had her little girl on Friday.  WELCOME TO THE FAMILY KEIJA DAWN!  KK is very excited to be a big sister.

8 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. I am glad that we were able to hang out for a while.

    Sigh and Sierra is the oldest, but yet the smallest. I think that is how she will be her whole life.

  2. Nice before and and after! That is just what I wanted! Not sure what is appropriate “Looks Good” or “Nice Job” or “How do you like the new you?” Rough but anyways congrats none the less. Those baby pics are so cute gotta love the different ethnicities in the family.

  3. Exactly…what is an appropriate comment, High five to the new look!?

    I got a good laugh from the start of the joke too!!! Cute little kids!!

    Side note~ You in on the Big L. game? Let Zan know.

  4. You look great Bobbie! And I love JD’s hat. He looks so cute and is getting so big! Good luck with all your cropping!

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