American Fork Canyon

This evening we went up AF canyon with some of my family and had a picnic. While we were there mom offered to keep an eye on JD while Jeremy and I took a little hike. The weather was perfect and it made me wish we really were taking a big hike and not just a little one. We might have gone further if Jeremy had worn tennis shoes and not flip flops. You can see all the pictures I took HERE (there are some good ones of Trish, he he). Here are some highlights:

I have decided I need to go camping, so ya… I’m going to go camping in the next few weeks sometime. Anyone wanna come. Jeremy has to work so he’s out.


6 thoughts on “American Fork Canyon

  1. I am in for camping! I love camping! πŸ™‚ Although it would have to be on a weekend… I say lets party. hahaha.

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