I woke up this morning in pain from the surgery for the first time in awhile. It was all along the bottom incisions. I called Jeremy and told him I needed help with JD because I was afraid to pick him up and then called the doctor. The Dr. thinks its just because the steri strips came off yesterday so the incision is no longer being supported. He told me to take it easy and stop lifting JD so much and if it still hurts Monday to give him a call. Jeremy made it home and has been awesome to help with JD. Thanks so much to Art and Steph who took care of JD this morning when he was crying.

The quilt top is finished. For my first attempt at actual quilt making I think it looks pretty good. It needs to be layered with a back and batting then quilted now but I think I may see how much it costs to have someone else do that with a machine. I still remember helping my mom hand quilt when I was an early teen, and it’s not something I want to do right now.

As I was sewing and listening to the TV this morning I heard a preview for a new movie. At the beginning they mentioned that this was the director’s first R rated film. Like that should entice you to go watch the movie. I’ll be totally honest. Jeremy and I don’t always pay attention to ratings, but trying to sell a movie on the fact that it’s rated R makes me NOT want to see it.

Tonight Jeremy, Dieter and I are going to a BBQ at a friends house. I can’t tell you how excited to go. I know many stay home mom’s understand. When the weekend comes around, after being at home all week, it’s a thrill to get out!


10 thoughts on “FINISHED!

  1. It looks awsome! Ok now I want to really make a quilt again. You would think I would learn with how long it took me to make the other one 😛

  2. Way to go! I wish I could quilt, but I am physically incapable of sewing a straight seam. OK for fixing holes on the sheets and stuff, not so much for making something that will go on display.

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