Jelly Roll

My mom bought a quilting book a couple of months ago. It had all kinds of patterns you do with a nifty little thing called a Jelly Roll. All they are is pre-cut fabric strips for quilting. You just cut them into the sizes you need. When I was down after surgery I decided to go on ebay and buy myself a little Jelly Roll and make a quilt just for fun.

Today my Jelly Roll came, and you could say I got carried away. The top of the quilt is almost done. It was annoying at first. Mom gave all of us girls sewing machines this year. I’d never used mine and I’m so used to hers that I kept jamming the blasted thing. Finally after about 45 minutes and mom helping a couple times I had it down and started to get things going.

I’ve learned a couple things after starting this one that I can use for next time. After laying out all your pieces in the order you want them to go, take a picture! That way when you pick them up to start sewing them you don’t forget how you had them down. I’m sure there are other ways that more experienced quilters use, but digital works for me.

I guess this will be one fancy TV blanket since we don’t actually need a quilt.


7 thoughts on “Jelly Roll

  1. WOOOAH! Man I am envious as well nice jelly roll! I like the colors and the pattern you chose very cool! Show us the finished product when you are done… oh and are you ever going to have the unveiling picture of a shirt that you used to wear vs now? I need to see the uhhh difference! lol

  2. NIce job…I jammed my machine a few times too. I should just give you my quilts and you can make them…I don’t have a jelly roll though..unless you count my stomach:)

  3. I’m not sure Unveiling was the right word. But sure, I’ll find a pic of me from before and take an after pic one of these days. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Wow…You are a sewing “machine”. I am so impressed. Usually I try to avoid my sewing machine unless it is absolutely necessary. But I am impressed. The quilt looks great!

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