Baby Video’s!

I know, I know.  You saw the title and started to jump up and down, clapping your hands with sweet joy.

The thumb one we took last night.  Feeding him is a nightmare because I have to hold his hands down with one hand and then use my index finger to keep his head up because he bends over trying to get to his thumbs!  I scoop a bunch of baby food in and then let go.  He truly believes food comes from his thumbs I think.  Sorry the video is so dark, and yes those sounds are him sucking really hard on his thumb.

This video is how I’ve been finding him in the mornings or after a nap.  Sometimes he’s on his side.  He can get from his tummy to his back but hasn’t quite mastered the back to the tummy.


6 thoughts on “Baby Video’s!

  1. Come on mom, let me just suck on my thumbs!!

    He sounds like a little valosaraptor. You know the dinasour. How cute!

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