Passage to Zarahemla

I just got done watching a new LDS movie called Passage to Zarahemla. Steph and I sat down with the boys and watched it. The boys really liked it. I thought a couple parts were surprisingly graphic but they still really enjoyed it and didn’t seem too scared.

As an adult however I’m not sure what to say. There were a couple of actors that did a great job in the film. All together however there were parts where I felt the inexperience come shining through. I couldn’t get over how the lead female in the movie sounded just like Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, but besides her wardrobe (hello 1998 ) she did a good job. There were parts where the cheese factor was a bit much for us and we chuckled. I also really struggled with the lead male’s wig, like the fact you could tell it was a wig.

It was a good story, and there is a lot of potential there. I liked that it was different than some other LDS movies I’ve tortured my self by watching. We were entertained, it was no Oscar winner but it wasn’t the worst movie ever either. If you have small boys apparently they will love it. I noticed there is an option on the DVD for a less intense version of the film. AWESOME idea, we didn’t watch that version but I’m thinking if the boys ask to watch it again we will.


4 thoughts on “Passage to Zarahemla

  1. One of my best friends played one of the gadianton robbers in this film…makes it funner to watch when you know someone in it and are privy to “behind the scenes” information!

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