Since JD is home now I spend my time taking care of him and then resting.  I haven’t taken the time to get on line for a while.

This Saturday is my 10 Year class reunion.  I still need to get butcher paper for the picnic tables, some balloons and make some sort of banner.  I’m in charge of the day activity (since I suggested having a day activity) and since I knew I’d be having my hands full with other things (JD and such) we just rented a park downtown and told people to bring their own lunches.  Jeremy is going to have cotton candy there too.  Oh la la.

It’s just awesome having JD home.  I still need a little help since I’m not supposed to bend over to pick him up.  My youngest sister Katy came up from Cedar to help for a few days and its been great to have her and her two little ones around.  JD is napping like a charm.  He usually gets one short nap (20 min-1hour) and then one long one (3-5 hours) during the day.  It’s a huge blessing especially right now since I find my self having to take some breaks through the day.  He also has two nice white bottom teeth.  I’ll try and get a picture tomorrow.  He was a pill for a couple days when the second one was coming in but he is back to his angelic self.

Things are healing quite nicely.  I got the stitches out already and other than annoying surgical support bra’s I’m good.  Sometimes I do too much or turn the wrong way and I get a little pain telling me I need to stop but for the most part healing has been far easier than it was with the abscess earlier this year.  It’s also nice to put on shirts I wasn’t able to wear before and have them fit the way they were designed to because my chest is so much smaller.  I am anxious for the entire 2 month healing time to be up so I can try my hand at exercises.  I might even try running now that I don’t have to compete with my heavy chest!

Jeremy is doing great.  He’s been helping me out a lot when he’s home and like the amazing guy he is, he hasn’t complained once.  He is just an amazing daddy and you should see JD’s huge smile when Jer comes home.

I will try and get some pictures for you all tomorrow.  If anyone is good at making banners or signs let me know because I wanted to make one on butcher paper for the reunion on Saturday.


6 thoughts on “Healing

  1. I am so jelous of the teeth. Sierra’s are just starting to break through today. Crazy he is even 2 months younger!

    Sorry I am lousy at making banners. I hope it all turns out well. I know that was one of those things hanging over you head for a while. That is something huge to plan. it sounds easy and fun what you planned.

  2. Wish I was closer because I have a ton of butcher paper that you could use and I have done many a banner in my time. If you still need help let me know. I am sure I can figure out a way to make it down there. (=

    Glad that you are doing better. And WOOHOO for both teeth breaking through! Everything sounds wonderful and I am so glad that you have had help. We miss you all! Give your JD a kiss for me. (=

  3. My high school didn’t do our 5 year reunion and I’m bummed. I’m glad for your classmates that you planned stuff.

    And way to go on the baby front! I love little teeth!

  4. We didn’t have a 5 year either (not that I could have helped, going through the divorce and all). I didn’t have really anything to do with the planning of this one either. Besides mentioning we should have a family activity and then being told to do it. 🙂

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