I felt like I was slipping on a new dress this morning.  Granted it wasn’t new, as a matter of fact I wore it 8 months pregnant with Dieter.  Having a somewhat smaller chest made it feel brand spanking new however.  I even tried on a shirt or two and was shocked to feel how differently they fit.  My shirts are now longer, because they don’t have as much space to cover I’m guessing.  I’m getting much more used to them and they are not too small like I worried they were.  I’m sure some of you are sick of me blogging about my breasts… I will stop.. soon… it’s just all so new to me.  Jeremy is trying to make sure you get some breaks from my boobie blogging.

I only lasted about 45 minutes at church before Jeremy needed to bring me home.  It was nice to get out of the house for a little while.  It’s been the hardest not to be able to hold JD.  He looks at me and giggles and I instantly want to pick him up.  I’m thankful Nic and Kelly are going to take him tomorrow for the week, otherwise I’m positive I wouldn’t last the entire week not holding him.

OH he rolled over and I actually SAW him do it!  He actually did it over and over again.  He’d roll one way, Jer would flip him back over and he’d roll the other way.  He’s going to be  mobile in no time at all.


4 thoughts on “Dress

  1. YEAH JD!!!! He is starting into the really fun stage. Glad that things are feeling a little better and that you are getting used to things. I am sure that you look wonderful! Can’t wait to see JD tomorrow.

  2. That is great to hear! You are sounding better and better each day! YAY for JD! You are right…if he is rolling that boy is going to be going, going gone…before you know it! 😛

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