Chrissie I’m not sure anyone on this earth has a pain tolerance like my mom.  I do believe mine can be higher than most people’s thanks to years of back trouble.

As far as needles are concerned I’ve gotten much better over the years.  This last year with the pregnancy alone I showed improvement.  I do need to clarify, it’s not needles that bug me, it’s knowing something is being stuck into me.  IV’s bother me a lot, and it’s not the needle… it’s having that plastic catheter still under my skin that really drives me a bit bonkers.

There has been more pain the past 24 hours, but I’m assuming it’s from the drains being taken out and things being shifted around.  I’ve been up and doing more things the past 30 minutes than I have all week and I’m about ready to crash and burn.

I am getting used to the new smallness of the chest and I’ll be honest.  It’ll be ok.  It already feels so much better and my back, shoulders and neck are already thanking me for getting the reduction.  It’s just a big change, and CWE is right… I can always wear a padded bra if I want to.  I’m looking forward to being able to zip up jackets and button up shirts as well.  It’s also nice not to have my cleavage choke me every time I sit or lay down.

I took some pain meds a bit ago and guess what… they are kicking in so I can’t really focus anymore.  I love you all to pieces!  Oh and can you believe we’ve had over 400 posts, and 42,900 hits.  You guys are amazing.  To think anyone finds our lives that interesting… weirdo’s.  😉


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