No more Drains

This afternoon they took both the drains out.  Mom said it was “weird” to watch them pull them out since they were much longer than she thought they would be.  I told her it was weirder to have them pulled out since I could feel them uncoil as the nurse was pulling them out.  I was glad I thought to take a lot of painkillers before the appointment.

I’m having some issues with the new smallness of my chest.  I know it will be good but every time I look down I feel like half of me is missing.  Once I can dress normally and stuff again I’m sure it’ll be ok but for now I’m trying not to panic and think they are too small now.  I know it’s odd for someone to blog about their breasts but we all knew I was odd, right?

It’s been hard not being able to take care of Dieter.  Next week he’ll be back up with Nic and Kelly.  Even if I could lift him right now I’m not sure I would trust myself.  The medication has me VERY loopy and I’m totally out of it.   While there is a lot of pain it’s not as bad as the abscess was so I’m dealing with it pretty well.  I’m pretty sure once the pain meds are gone it’ll be worse but for now as long as I don’t move a lot I’m doing ok.


7 thoughts on “No more Drains

  1. If they ARE too small, you can always wear a padded bra. I know that seems silly since you just got a reduction and all, but seriously… the padding in the bra will not make your back hurt.

  2. It’s so good to hear you are recovering well. Pulling out the drain sounds like it felt really gross. Kinda like a big nasty hair that went halfway down your throat and you’re pulling it out….ewwww! Hey, did I ever tell you about the day when I took sacrament and there was hair on the bread?! Seriously, I am NOT that bad of a person!! WHAT does that mean? I guess I really do need to talk to my bishop!

    I think though that any drastic change, especially a reduction, is going to take some getting used to. And wasn’t someone talking about Target’s awesome gel bras?! Kristin?! She’ll set you up right. 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better and enjoying the view of your toes. Do you have an amazingly high pain threshold like your mom does?! Oh, that reminds me of when you were a kid, (it’s getting late, so I’m starting to ramble and type really weird stuff, but you’re convalescing, so you have time to read. Anyway, didn’t it used to take like several strong adults to hold you down for a shot? Did you pass out or just scream your head off?! Are you better now?!!

    I remember when I was preggo with Indy, and not used to shots much yet, the OB was all set to give it to me and I started to freak because he was not the usual shot giver and I wasn’t sure he was any good at it. In my panic, I kinda blurted that out to his face…boy was I scared when he gave me the shot anyway! But I think I challenged him to give the best dang shot since med school, ’cause I didn’t feel a thing! :))

    Did I exceed the acceptable comment length? NAW!!!!

    Take Care!

  3. Bobbie i know it must be really hard for you to send dieter with the Marshals, but you know he will be loved, and you will be able to heal so much quicker not worrying about him! Love you.

  4. Okay the drain pulling thing sounds like it hurt…very crazy. Glad you thought to take pain killers before the appointment. 😉
    Hope you recover quickly…and love those smaller breasts! 😛

  5. The whole thing sounds painful. It is good to hear that you are keeping up with the meds. Keep them coming!

    That is the nice thing about where you live. You do have tons of family to help you with JD!

  6. Congratulations! I vote you just lay back and eat ice cream and watch chick flicks for the next little while. And then in a while if you feel like, I don’t know, jogging, you will love your chesties so much more because you won’t have to wear multiple spots bras the keep them from hitting you in the eye!! YEAH for littler boobies!

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